Does deodorant last the whole day?

It's frustrating when the deodorant doesn't last all day. Remember when you used to have a “ready” attitude when you applied your traditional deodorant? But now it seems that you can't leave home without a backup in your wallet, ready to be reapplied every two hours. Not to the deodorant itself, but to the chemicals found in traditional deodorants. Most deodorants use ingredients such as aluminum to stop sweating or alcohol to mask substances B and O.

Over time, the body develops a tolerance to these chemicals, so the more you use these types of deodorants, the more you'll have to reapply them. A bit counterproductive in our opinion. And what else? These harsh chemicals actually contribute to sweat stinking. When the skin is wet, it doesn't absorb products as easily (including deodorant).

So, if you apply deodorant fresh out of the shower, the formula might not necessarily stick. Not to mention that if you've just shaved your armpits, you can irritate your skin by applying anything to those armpits. Because razors leave small nicks and cuts that we may not even see or feel. Just like applying deodorant to damp skin doesn't allow the formula to absorb properly, applying deodorant in the morning, just before going out for the day, could be the reason why it doesn't last long.

When you apply deodorant just before leaving home, you don't give the formula the time it needs to absorb into your armpits and leave them feeling fresh. To make sure your deodorant lasts all day long, you first need to know why it's disappearing. I hope that now, with some new knowledge and a couple of simple adjustments, your armpits feel good, without you worrying about reapplying them. If you use the deodorant in a roll, spin it 2 or 3 times in each armpit and wait for it to dry before putting your clothes on.

One of the effective ways to make stick deodorant last longer is to apply some baby powder after using it.

Shari Bugarin
Shari Bugarin

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