How do you get rid of body odor when deodorant doesn't work?

WASH WITH ALL-NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL BATH SOAP. APPLY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, LEMON JUICE OR WITCH HAZEL. Deodorants work by masking body odor with a more pleasantly smelling fragrance. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, reduce the amount of sweat.

Be sure to use an armpit product that says “antiperspirant” on the package. The active ingredient in most antiperspirants is aluminum. Apply the antiperspirant after showering or bathing and before going to bed. Make sure to apply antiperspirants to dry skin for best results.

Excessive armpit hair may be fueling the fire of body odor. Armpit hair traps sweat and prevents it from evaporating, allowing bacteria to break it down. The best way to prevent this from happening is to shave (or trim) armpit hair. By reducing armpit hair, antiperspirant or deodorant can come into direct contact with the skin and achieve its full potential.

When it comes to combating body odor, changing your diet isn't the only way food can be a friend. There are a number of foods that, when applied topically, can cure body odors. One remedy suggests applying apple cider vinegar to your armpits, letting the vinegar dry, and then showering. The acidity of apple cider vinegar can help kill odor-causing bacteria that live on the skin.

Apple cider vinegar isn't the only acidic food that can do this. Lemons can do the same.

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