What happens if you put deodorant on wet skin?

You know the story: an antiperspirant absorbs moisture, so applying it to damp armpits will only prevent the product from completely absorbing sweat, which in turn affects its effectiveness. Instead, it will mix with the water residue that is already on the skin, which can cause irritation. It makes sense to put on the antiperspirant as soon as you're clean to avoid excessive sweating. But the problem is that your pits may still be damp.

For best results, apply an antiperspirant to completely dry skin, Dr. Dawn says. Gel deodorant Turn the knob on the bottom of the deodorant container to push a small amount of gel to the top. To get a roll-on deodorant, apply the deodorant to each armpit several times for even coverage.

But what if there was a better technique that could make your deodorant more effective and leave a fresher smell for longer?.

Shari Bugarin
Shari Bugarin

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