Where should i put deodorant to smell good?

Apply deodorant with an even layer to the armpit area. Start in the center of the armpit and work your way out in all directions until your armpit is completely covered. Reapply it throughout the day as needed. This is the perfumery trick used by many celebrities who love to create something different and need their perfumes to last longer.

With deodorants, start the first layer with a scented moisturizer, which probably has notes similar to those of the deodorants you'll use on top. Add a second coat with the strongest deodorant for women or men, followed by a lighter deodorant. Avoid rubbing the skin after applying the spray, otherwise it will damage the notes of the perfume. This trick is the best for creating a unique scent in body spray and making it last more than 6 hours.

First of all, this only applies to deodorant with antiperspirants. If you prefer products that only block odors (not sweat), the application time makes no difference. But if the deodorant contains antiperspirants, you should apply it at night. At night, your body temperature drops, which means you sweat less.

When sweat glands are less active, sweat ducts may be better able to absorb the aluminum-based active ingredient in the antiperspirant. Overnight, the product has time to effectively penetrate and block those sweat ducts. In the morning, the sweat glands are more active and it can be more difficult for the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and get where they need to be. To get a roll-on deodorant, apply the deodorant to each armpit several times for even coverage.

Gel deodorant Turn the knob on the bottom of the deodorant container to push a small amount of gel to the top. Here are some easy to use tips that will not only make your deodorants last, but will also make them smell like branded perfume.

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